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Invasive Bamboo Laws

New York Bamboo Ordinances

NY State has recently introduced two species of running bamboo to their prohibited invasive species list. Both Yellow Groove bamboo (Phyllostachys aureosulcata) and Golden Bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea) shall no longer be sold, imported, purchased, transported, introduced or propagated in New York State.

New York State Bamboo Laws: Prohibited Species PDF

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Bamboo Ordinance by Town:

Long Island Bamboo Ordinances:

Babylon Village – amendment to code ch. 270 (adopted 9/27/11)

Brookhaven – amendment to code ch. 49-6 (adopted 7/17/12)

Garden City Village – local law no. 2-2015 (adopted

Glen Cove – amendment to code ch. 235 pt. 4 (adopted 12/10/13)

Hempstead – amendment to code ch. 128-61 (adopted 7/10/12)

Huntington – amendment to code ch. 156a (adopted 4/9/13)

Lindenhurst Village – amendment to code ch. 43 (adopted 3/5/13)

Long Beach – amendment to code ch. 13-75 (adopted 8/21/12)

Malverne Village – contact town for details (adopted 2013)

Ocean Beach Village – amendment to code ch 62-1 (adopted 12/12/1981)

Saltaire Village – local law no. 01-2008 (adopted 2008)

Smithtown – amendment to code ch. 221-4 (adopted 8/9/2011)

Woodsburgh Village – amendment to code ch. 111-7 (adopted 4/13/11)

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